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Quality Service

Our Process

Here at Sprite we put our customers and their clients at the centre. We are open-minded and flexible in our workings to ensure that we produce the most suitable product for our customers and their client. We have very diverse production capabilities, which enable us to supply a wide range of product types. When it is required we can work closely with customers and suppliers simultaneously to develop a new solution, with sample development and batch trials.

Our Relationships

At the very core of Sprite is our continued strength in maintaining lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers. We have often improvised new solutions, in conjunction with the invaluable support of our suppliers. In these cases, the benefits to the relationship between our customers and their client have been enormous and long standing.

Our Solutions

The end user company wanted to combine their marketing label, picking label and despatch label into one. In collaboration with our trade partner, the solution involved new software for the warehouse, thermal transfer print and a novel label construction. The marketing label was first printed, and then in-line, a second, removeable, label layer was applied over part of the label surface. This second layer accepted the picking and routing information from the thermal transfer printer. Once picked and delivered, the upper label layer was discarded, leaving the marketing label in place. This solution saved the user several hundred thousand pounds, by reducing the cost of labels, cost of application and through efficiencies in warehousing.

Industrial Label Application

Retail Label Solution

The retail end user had a cardboard booklet/tag attached by string to the bridge of their sunglasses. It was felt that this deterred customers from trying on the glasses, and was a barrier to sales. An additional problem was that some of the tags were removed by customers wishing to try the glasses. This was a serious issue as European law meant that the tag had to be in place. Working with our trade partner, Sprite proposed the use of a specially shaped booklet label, to be affixed to the side frame of the glasses. This was tested and found not to interfere with the trying on of the sunglasses. In addition, a pricing sticker was applied to the reverse of the new tag, meaning that the new product was able to fulfil a second function.

Our client was asked to supply reinforced loop tags on A4 sheets for laser printing, following trials. Initial trials at one test site went well, but not so well at a second site. The end user was a large group of companies, and we found that each had different hardware. We liaised with the material manufacture to seek out a manufacture of printers that would guarantee their product. This led to the identification of a printer model and material that were guaranteed to be compatible. The solution proved to be robust and has been in place for several years.

Company Processes

Window Sticker Application

The label user had been able to write onto the reverse of their window stickers. However, due to much greater volumes, it became necessary to laser print the reverse of the window stickers. Unfortunately, there was no material construction in the market that allowed material suitable to act as a window sticker to also enable printing by laser. Sprite conducted various trials on combinations of materials designed to overcome the problem, and were able to demonstrate a solution that met the customer’s requirements.

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