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We have a wide range of production capabilities, to enable us to serve our customers and their diverse market requirements. Using our knowledge and commitment we work closely with our customers to satisfy their clients. When the need is for a new solution to a problem we have a proven track record of delivering results for our customers.

The following list shows a snapshot of our capabilities please contact us for more information or samples.


Peel & Reveal

Effectively a piggy back construction where the face, the adhesive on the inside face and a carrier label all carry information.

Markets: Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Food

booklet label.jpg

Booklet Labels

Used to expand the area available to carry information. The contribution can be from 5 pages to 20 pages or more. Often used by companies serving several countries, one label carries the various languages required. Other application include promotional activities and usage instructions

Markets: Agro-Chemical, Retail promotion, Pharmaceuticals, Pet foods

Resembling a thin credit card (235 micron), the card can be machine applied to letterheads for lasering. Application costs are low compared to gluing. Lasering costs are low, as letterhead and card are lasered simultaneously, without the need for data matching. The card, printed face and reverse, is peeled off the letter, is free of adhesive and can stored in a wallet.

Markets: Leisure, Retail, membership schemes

Dry Peel Membership Cards

Dry Peel Swing Tags

The swing tags are produced in continuous format for thermal transfer printing. Both sides of the card may be pre-printed. The card is punched and die cut with clean edges and is peeled away, adhesive free, for attaching to the product. This product avoids the need to press out the tag, by breaking perforations, and has smooth, clean edges. 

Markets: Clothing, Retail

Chemical Drum Labels

Sprite produces both bespoke and standard drum labels. Materials used will depend on the overprint techniques required, such as laser, thermal transfer and ink jet. Our range of materials are BS5609 approved.

Markets: Warehouse, Chemical, Transportation

Lock Tags

The tags are made of material to suit the needs of the application and method of overprint, if required. Tags may be suitable for laser, thermal transfer, direct thermal, or inkjet printing. They may use strong, weatherproof materials. 

Markets: Horticulture, Steel, Laundry, Clinical waste, Waste bins.

Chemical Hazard Warning Diamonds

We stock a wide range of warning labels.100 x 100 labels are delivered in rolls, with 252 x 252 diamonds supplied as boxed, cut singles. The entire range is produced from materials and fade resistant inks, tested together, for BS5609 approval.

Markets: Warehouse, Chemical, Transportation

In Line Variable Printed Labels

In line UV Ink Jet technology enables us to print full colour with the addition of blank variable print. Bar code, numbering, variable text can be served to the press via a spreadsheet. Print resolution is 600 dpi at normal press running speeds. Any material that can accept UV inks can be printed this way without the need for costly ink jet receptive coatings.


Markets: Warehouse label (including over lamination), Numbered/ worded car window stickers.

Tamper Evident Labelling

For security purposes, there may be a need to indicate that there has been an attempt to remove a label and, as big a threat is when a label can be re-applied. There are several materials and production processes that we use to combat these issues. Depending on the level of protection required, and the cost of goods being protected, solutions ranging in cost can be employed. You will have heard of ‘Fraud Void labels, ‘Ultra-destructible materials, security cuts etc., at Sprite we can point you to the appropriate solution for your application.

Markets: Retail, Asset Protection

Plain Labels

We have dedicated machinery for the production of plain labels. By their very nature, plain labels need to be supplied quickly at low cost. Our machines are quick to set up, fast running and low on waste.

We supply a wide range of materials, in roll or sheeted format, as well as folded packs.

Window Stickers

These stickers are produced using either a low tack glass peelable or self cling vinyl. The printed image can be produced to show out of the window or into the room.

Markets: Charities, Car Sales and Maintenance, Retail

Using multilayer constructions to allow 'peel and reveal' or scratch off panels, the user can play to win.


Markets: Direct Mail, Charities 

Scratch Cards

Additional Products

  • Bar-coded labels

  • Metallic Foiling

  • Wrist Bands

  • Holographic foiling

  • Tickets

  • Freezer Labels

  • In-line numbering

  • Security Labelling

  • Piggy Back

  • Bullet Labels

  • Primary sales labels

  • Ticket Seal

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